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Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is what makes you smarter than the average student!

  • Why do you have an online tutoring business?
    Our collective passion for reading, writing, and mathematics led us to the traditional classroom. While there, we both observed educational gaps and missed opportunities that could be enhanced by more meaningful one-on-one tailored teaching. Small group teaching was also nearly out of the question in public school, and in a school system, teachers have little control over this aspect. I knew I wanted to target student weaknesses to help them out in a better way, and our method of teaching is the answer.
  • Do you offer summer tutoring?
    Yes, we do. Summer hours are limited, so planning in advance will ensure that you and your student get the hours that work best for your family's schedule. Remember: A student's reading ability and mathmatical memory can diminish if they are not consistently honing their skills. Consistant practice will never fail you!
  • Do you tutor other subjects besides English and math?
    Occasionally, students ask me for help in other content areas such as history/social studies. I'm happy to help, yet most of our tutoring sessions are busy with the primary task of reading/writing/math. My other tutors are well-rounded professionals who know quite a lot about many subject areas. If you seek a particular subject area or skill, I will be happy to refer you to the right tutor who is highly qualified to meet you needs.
  • Do you ever tutor students in person?
    When I first started J.PEZ Tutoring, I was a solopreneur who met students in their homes, at public libraries, and in coffee shops. Mileage and traffic took its toll not just on me but on students and parents who often had to scramble to leave school, drive to their location, find parking, AND be on time. When tutoring students, most tutors end up using a computer with students anyway. So, working online from the comfort of our own homes enables students to remain engaged as we send and receive documents, write on live Google docs, read pdf documents through a shared screen, and work out math problems. The quality of online resources has skyrocketed in the last few years, allowing tutors to do a better job than ever before. Therefore, online learning is here to stay. My tutoring business isn't robotic leaning; it is a real teaching business that still allows students to learn with meaningful connection. Technology is our present and our future, and I have full confidence that students can learn well with an online model.
  • How much do you charge?
    U.S: $60-$75 an hour UK: 80 GPB an hour J. PEZ Tutoring is a business of highly trained, certified teachers who have taught and tutored for a numerous years. Tutoring takes a lot of behind-the-scenes planning and care, and we work hard to communicate with our students and to increase their academic abilities. Your student deserves quality lessons which we are grateful to provide.
  • How do I pay for tutoring?
    J.PEZ Tutoring uses a high quality automated payment processing system called Tutorbird. This is designed specifically for tutoring businesses and allows for calendar-based billing, which means you will pre-pay for weekly, monthly, or semester-long lessons, but you will only be charged for actual lessons that take place. You will also received automated invoices to help keep track of payments made.
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