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3 Reasons Why Online Tutoring Trumps In-person Tutoring

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Imagine you’re picking up your child from school. A routine, almost mundane process. No biggie. However, that pesky intersection near your home is waaay backed up.

Not again! You inwardly moan.

The end-of-day fatigue is in full-force, yet you know that you have other places to be. What’s next on your schedule? You have to rush your child to the local library to meet with their math tutor. You’re tired and you are sporting a slight headache from working through your lunch break, so it’s dangerously tempting to collect your child, cancel the tutoring lesson, and be-bop straight home.

But you CAN’T do that.

The 68% average from your child’s latest report card is imprinted upon your brain, and its image screams at you, “Get to that tutor now!”

Unfortunately, after scooping up your anxious child and rushing to the library at breakneck speed, you are 10 minutes late for the tutor, which means 10 less minutes for important, one-to-one teaching time… the time that is specifically set aside for your child’s academic improvement.

That 68% continues to glare mockingly in your mind’s eye, and today, your child has a challenging homework assignment which a full hour of tutoring would help make clear. You flinch as your cell phone chirps a dreaded reminder: it’s your night to make dinner! Too bad you haven’t even started considering something like supper time.

Is all of this your fault?

Nah. You’re busy, and you have a lot on your plate. Your main priority is making sure your child catches up and gains better understanding in their math class. The tutor used to come to your home, but this was a stressor for the family because you never felt like the house was a tidy enough (or quiet enough) teaching environment. Still, it’s a hassle to get to the library on time, and a chore to have the tutor come to you.


As a parent, would you love to be in this situation? I bet you wouldn’t! There’s a better way for your child to both improve their grades and get an academic edge with far less complications. The answer, my friends, is online tutoring.

“But wait, we tried that online schooling thing back in 2020, and it was chaos,” you protest.

Allow me to explain.

The type of online instruction that J. PEZ Tutoring offers is nothing like the pasted-together, hellish confusion that millions of families all over the country (and all over the world, for that matter) had to endure.

So, why do we tutor online? Why use Zoom to teach when the richness of being in person has allowed people to learn since the very beginning of human existence?

Here are the top 3 reasons why online tutoring trumps in-person tutoring

1. Online tutoring is less expensive in the long run

If you’re reading these words, you probably value your child’s education and recognize when they need a little bit (or even a lot) of extra academic help. You care so much that you will hire a quality, professional tutor.

Yes, they aren’t free. They aren’t even cheap. But the services that they offer are so dang helpful and convenient, because their procedures allow your child to tutor from the comfort of their own home and computer.

Professional tutors such as us have a secure online payment system that allows clients to pay for their tutoring in a simple, trackable way.

That’s it.

Tutors who use Zoom or Google Meet can begin a session immediately and can work for the entire hour. This means that your child can either take the bus straight home from school, grab a snack, and log on to meet their tutor. Or, they hop into your car and you drive them straight home.

You as the parent won’t have to deal with the added stress of meeting at a third location (such as the library) or accommodating the tutor within your own house. Think about the gas money you can save by coming straight home! You’ll even avoid the impulse to buy fast food because you’ll be spending less time idling at intersections and more time within the walls of your own house.

2. Online tutoring is more efficient

Screen-sharing is our best friend. Books on Kindle, pdfs with notes, fun review quizzes, examples of math problems or essays can all be screen shared easily when working online with a student. Students can pull up their school assignments or teacher websites and share them back to their online tutor.

If I were to have a tutoring session in person, I’d still whip out my laptop and open up Google drive or another online tool to use with your student. I would email helpful links or study tools to your student so that they would need to pull up on their laptop. For the type of work that we do, using a computer is unavoidable.

Tutoring in person often requires spending time finding a parking space, clearing room for both a tutor and a student to work, spending time connecting to wifi, imprisoning unpredictable pets into another room, carrying textbooks to and fro, and losing time in conversations.

Note: We love conversations with parents, but it’s hard to have a good one in between tutoring sessions, especially if travel time is a factor.

Another perk: You can find all sorts of tutors online. Online literature tutors, online calculus tutors, online tutors who work with students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, and more. With online tutoring, you aren’t limited to whoever is in your area or region; you have the entire U.S (and even tutors outside the U.S) who would be happy to help boost your child’s academic confidence.

3. There’s more privacy, and therefore, more focus

If your child works with an online tutor, you won’t have to rush to clean up your house for company. Unsuspecting family members won’t be awkwardly caught in their underwear. Tutors and students won’t have to hustle for a good table at the library.

With online tutoring, students will have a chance to use more modern tools that will prepare them for the future. Students today may appear to know a lot about the internet, but a trusted, professional tutor is best equipped to teach your child internet etiquette and how to choose quality research tools and sites over junk sites.

When my husband and I teach our students, those students are completely focused on the screen. Why? Because they can see us, we can see them, and they are taught how to check their email.

They never lose their work, because we have taught them how to set up and organize their online folders. There is no shuffling through book bags or fruitless searches for pencil and paper. If they can’t find the novel we’re reading, most of the time, I have the novel on the Kindle desktop app, and I can easily pull this up and screen share it to my student.

These are just three main reasons, but trust me, I could go on and on. If you’re hesitant for your child to tutor online, there is no pressure. Give it one try. Or two. Chances are that you’ll end up choosing convenience over stress.

Don’t let the pandemic memories scare you off. Professional tutors and teachers are just one screen away, ready to help your child boost their grades and academic confidence.

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